Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cinderellas mountain bike shoe.

Yesterday when I carried my trail-muddy 29:er trough our apartment into the shower, I started to wonder how many wife's would consider this a normal thing to do and not nag about all the mud on the floor?

How did I know my wife would be one of the former? It all traces back to a pre-party gathering about 11 years. There where some colleges leaving Compaq and a farewell party was due on Friday and some of us decided to meet up at Sini's place before going to the pub. As I got to her place that Friday evening and was met by a red and white Schwinn Moab, I started to feel that she was more than just “the cute product marketing girl from the second floor”.

The next morning I was heading out for a ride and to my pleasant surprise, Sini came towards me on the bike path on her way to help out at the canoe club. Then I knew there was more to this girl.

As I pondered on this, I realized that, lets face it, a somewhat older dude and with almost 10 years of marital bliss in the pocket, I just might qualify to the “advice to young people givers club”.

So listen up all (young) MTB:ers still looking for the right one, who want to know how you know when you found her/him. You could go by the old wisdom of “trust me you'll know”, but in case of missing sure signs like MTB's in the hall way, you could try this little test.

Next time your significant-other-prospect comes over to your place, leave your bike unwashed with a trail of mud on the carpet.

If the reaction is more in the way of “man, that must have been a great ride” rather than “what's with all the mud”, you've got a keeper and you are together heading for many happy miles on the single track of life.
Still the one.